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Container Rentals



Have a need for onsite secure storage at your place of business or on a property? Shipping containers are the perfect solution. They can be delivered within 48 hours to your site and be ready for immediate use. We offer short term (minimum 3 months) and long term rental options for both new and used shipping containers.


Available container sizes for rent: 20' 40' 45'


Please contact us for container rental pricing and terms at: 

713-961-5200 or


Need refrigerated storage? 

Refrigerated shipping containers come in both 20' and 40' lengths. They can be set from - 10' F up to +85' F. To power refrigerated shipping containers you will need 460V 3- phase power with a 25 Amp Max Draw. They have R30 insulation and are equipped with Aluminum T-track flooring.

If 3 phase power is not available but you still need a refrigerated container, generator sets can be rented to power the units. These are diesel powered and will need to be monitored and refueled as needed. 

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