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Ocean Freight Services

We offer over seas shipping to anywhere in the world and specialize in such regions as Russia and the entire C.I.S., the Baltic States, the Caribbean, Latin America and all of Africa.


We also serve the Middle East and Far East Asia.


Full Container Loads (FCL) for Dry Van, Open Tops, Flat Racks, Platforms including out of gauge cargoes, ISO Tanks.


Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Poland and other gateways to the C.I.S.


We also offer services for loose cargo loads (LCL), Roll-on Roll off (RoRo), break bulk, receiving and loading house hold goods, autos, motorcycles and boats


Special reduced rate levels for donated shipments and relief cargo.


We have a global network of agents to provide assistance with all your shipping needs.


Marine Insurance can also be provided


You can also track your shipments by carrier specific websites.

By having our own container yard, we give the option to customers to be able to load their containers at our container yard. This saves on trucking, per diem chassis fees, and gives more flexibility to the customer.

We can also provide trucking to the customer offering door to door services. If you need a live load or drop and pick, we are able to accommodate that. 

We also provide shipper owned containers if you need to purchase the containers. Cargo Worthy Certificates can be provided for this.

Contact us for ocean freight rates at

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